Cardboard Model Building

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Read here about how cardboard material can be helpful when constructing tensegrity structures.

Cardboard Tubes as struts

Cardboard tubes may be used as struts for building a tensegrity.

For example, Kvncsy of Istanbul, Turkey createded a 3 strut platform for his cats.

Cardboard Scaffolds Help Create Tensegrity Structures

How to construct a tensegrity by using a cardboard scaffold

Construct a cardboard model of the target regular polyhedra. In Connelly's article, he shows a cube constructed of six stiff carboard sides.

  • Near the vertices, cut holes large enough to insert the compression members, but tight enough to hold the struts snugly. Locations need not be precisely correct.
  • Insert the notched struts through the holes.
  • Thread rubber bands through the notches.
  • Replace rubber bands with string, nylon thread or dacron for longevity.

Phil Earnhardt also proposed a similar cardboard scaffold for constructing a six strut tensegrity.

Links and References

Anthony Pugh in his introduction to tensegrity also advises that a cardboard scaffold can be helpful. See p.49.