Deployable Structures

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Read here about deployable structures, their definition and the role of tensegrity in their design.

Defining Deployable Structures

Deployable structures according to Tibert [1] are structures capable of large configuration changes in an autonomous way. "Most common is that the configuration changes from a packaged, compact state to a deployed, large state. Usually, these structures are used for easy storage and transportation. When required, they are deployed into their service configuration. A well known example is the umbrella. Deployable structures are sometimes known under other names like expandable, extendible, developable and unfurlable structures."

References and Links

[1] Deployable Tensegrity Structures for Space Applications by Gunnar Tibert, Doctoral Thesis for the Royal Institute of Technology Department of Mechanics, 2002. Reference number, TRITA-MEK Technical Report 2002:04 ISSN 0348-467X ISRN KTH/MEK/TR--02/04--SE