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Read here about Project 2021, a major upgrade for Tensegrity Wiki.

Project 2021 is a major upgrade of Tensegrity Wiki to make it easier to use and share.

This page describes the project and contains consent from all Wiki contributors.

Consent Form

Consent to change license

I, the undersigned, consent that the founder and editor in chief of the Tensegrity Wiki Lionel Wolberger may make any changes he deems fit to the Tensegrity Wiki. I understand that these changes affect content that I contributed. I understand that Lionel plans to change the current license CC-4.0-SA [1] to a new license MirOS [2]. I understand that Lionel may also, in future, ask Miraheze to delete the wiki from its servers. I agree to all these changes and grant Lionel the power to make these decisions on my behalf.

Name: ________ Email: __________ Date: ______

To read more: [1] [2]


For any questions about Tensegrity Wiki or Project 2021, send an email to