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An arch is a structure that spans a space, usually supporting weight, in the form of an inverted "U."

In a tensegrity arch, a basic tensegrity module--usually the 3 strut --is repeated with slight length and filament variations in length such that the structure arches. The repeating module that forms the arch is usually accompanied by another module that forms its two bases.

Method to transform a tower to an archEdit

Andrea Micheletti proposed a marching method algorithm that can transform a tensegrity mast into an arch. The method starts with a known stable placement and alters edge lengths in a way that preserves the equilibrium equations. We then characterize the manifold to which classical tensegrity systems belong, which gives insight into the form-finding process. See

Selected Images of Tensegrity ArchesEdit

An assortment of tensegrity arches and discussion of their structure is presented.

Snelson's ArchEdit

Rainbow Arch is a tensegrity arch by Snelson . Constructed of aluminum & stainless steel, it measures 7 ft. x 12.6 ft. x 2.6 ft (meters, 2.1 x 3.8 x 1).

Rainbow Arch by Ken Snelson.

Maxim's ArchEdit

Maxim Schrogin designed and built an arch in Berkeley, California. The arch was built in 2002 as an entry arch to the sacred space of his nephew's wedding. He sent the photo to Robert Burkhardt .

sacred space of his nephew's wedding. Photo hosted by Robert Burkhardt.

Kenichi Kawaguchi's ArchEdit

Reusable Deployable Tensegrity Arch by Kenichi Kawaguchi

Reusable Deployable Tensegrity Arch by Kenichi Kawaguchi.

Deejayana's ArchEdit

Deejayana uploaded an arch covered with paper to DeviantArt.

Tensegrity Arch with paper by Deejayana.


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