Barcelona Tensegrity Tower

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Read here about a tower constructed according to tensegrity principles.


Tensegrity Barcelona Tower, Barcelona, 2008 was created by Biodigital Architecture students Julián Ardila, Andrea Bezerra, Juan Cardenal, Anna Chartofyli, Erdogan Elif, Alessio Erioli, Isak Foged, Diego García, Pau Ginés, Viviana Hernaiz, Blazenka Jovanovic, Anas Katramiz, Aref Maksoud, Marija Maletic, Gabriel Moreno, Anke Pasold, Joana Pinho, Arne Riekstins, Lamila Simisic, José Daniel Terán, Theodoros Theodoridis, Antonio Vacca.

The tower was exhibited at the "Spot On Schools Exhibition" ESARQ (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Barcellona, Spagna


The following photos were taken by the students and uploaded to Flickr.

Photo of the Barcelona Tower mast. By Biodigital Architecture.
Computer model of the Barcelona Tower mast. By Biodigital Architecture.
Cutting the wooden struts used in the Barcelona Tower mast. By Biodigital Architecture.

Links and References[edit]

Alberto Estevez report on Biodigital Architecture Festival Catalog Flickr accoutn with photos of the tower [[1]]