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Behzadipour, Saeed[edit]

Saeed Behzadipour is Assistant Professor of the Advanced Robotics and Control Systems Lab, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Research Interests of Behzadipour[edit]

Behzadipour's researches tensegrity primarily to innovate efficient robotic manipulators and mechanisms. Behzadipour website, accessed 2 August 2010, listed these research interests: The main goal of my research is to shift the paradigm of robot manipulators from heavy, complex, rigid structures with separate actuators to light, simple, flexible mechanisms with embedded active elements and sensors. In this regard, I have been working on tendon-based mechanisms as an alternative for light and efficient robotics systems. Tendon-based mechanisms are formed by a network of tendon elements which are always in tension and a few number of rigid elements that are used to maintain the tension in the tendons. Tendon-based mechanisms have significantly lower weight and inertia compared to conventional ones for a certain level of strength. They are also much simpler by eliminating the kinematic joints and have high potential to be integrated with embedded actuators in the form of muscle elements. This research involves the following areas:

  • Kinematics and Dynamics of multi-body systems
  • Motion planning and Control of Robotic systems
  • Tendon-based Haptic devices
  • Tensegrity systems
  • Stiffness and Stability analysis in tendon-based mechanisms
  • Applications of artificial Muscles such as pneumatic muscles, electro active polymers and shape memory alloys to robotic systems

Publications by Behzadipour Related to Tensegrity[edit]

  • M. Azadi, S. Behzadipor, "A Planar Cable-driven Mechanism as a New Variable Stiffness Element", SAE noise and vibration conference, Paper No., 2007-01-2421. A short version was also published in CANCAM 2007
  • M. Azadi, S. Behzadipour, "An application of Parallel Singularity in Variable Stiffness Elements", Proceedings of ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, 2008, IDETC2008-49414
  • M. Azadi, S. Behzadipour, "Variable Antagonistic Stiffness Element Using Tensegrity Structure", IMECE2007-42475, Seattle, 2007
  • S. Rezazadeh, S. Behzadipour, "Impedance Control of Cable-driven Mechanisms", Proceedings of ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conference & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, 2008, IDETC2008-49927
  • S. Rezazadeh, S. Behzadipour, "Tensionability Conditions of a Multi-Body System Driven by Cables", IMECE2007-42433, Seattle, 2007

Links and References[edit]

Department website: