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Portal to Biotensegrity
A series on biotensegrity, based on the book by Graham Scarr.
1. Introduction> What is tensegrity? Founders Ioganson, Emmerich, Fuller, Snelson. Concepts Sphere, Bicycle wheel, Geodesic Dome, Black Mountain College
2. Geometry> Triangulation, Close-Packing, Platonic Polyhedra, IVM, VE
3. Balancing Forces> Basic models: Prism, T-Helixes, 6 Strut Sphere, Icosahedron; Floating, Fractal Hierarchies
4. Mechanics> Stress, Strain, Prestress, Dynamics, Force, Biomechanics, Kinematics, Mechanobiology, Stability, Stiffness
5. Cell> Cells, Biological, Cytoskeleton, integrins
6. Helixes> Helix, Springs, Spectrin, Collagen, Tube
7. Joints> Animals, Spine, Elbow, Bone
8. Shells> Skull, Lungs
9. Function> Compression, Tension, Strut, Tendon, Membrane
10. Patterns> Rhombic Dodecahedron, Fibonacci sequence, Golden Mean, Equivalence, Penrose, Quasicrystals, Dimension, Hyperbolic Geometry
11. Biotensegrity> Skeleton, Bones, Muscle, Fascia, Microvacuolar system, Mesokinetics, Kinematics, Therapeutics
12. Summary> Birth, Evolution

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