How To Build A 3x5 Tensegrity Tower by de Jong

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How To Build A 3x5 Tensegrity Tower by de Jong[edit]

Sept. 2008, de Jong posted: My virtual model (seen here at the right) was exactly what I used as a basis. I set it up so that I could read the exact lengths of all the cables, recorded them, studied how it all fit together by looking at the structure in stereo (set it up in OpenGL, with two eyes, two points of view, then you see the depth).

virtual model that de Jong created before fabricating the tower.

Then I mass-produced the parts of the tensegrity, cutting things precisely to the right measurements. After that I built individual three-stick modules using the pre-cut nylon rope assemblies, and when I had a bunch of modules (alternating right-left-handed) I was able to quickly assemble the tower by making six connections where each module joins the next. The whole thing took only a few hours, once I had figured out the system, and failed a couple of times.