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Pars, Marcelo[edit]

Marcelo Pars maintains a comprehensive website on tensegrity and builds many tensegrity models.

Innovative tensegrities with multiple tension elements, semi-circles and circles[edit]

He experiments with many important innovations such as differently sized length struts, multiple tension elements, curved struts in the form of semi-circles, and joining circles with tension members. His website features many photographs of his creations, as well as references to his correspondence with Kenneth Snelson.


A few of the tensegrities invented and build by Marcelo Pars:








All of these tensegrities can be found on his website (English and Dutch):


Pars has posted some videos of his models, below.

Stretching and conforming tensegrities[edit]

Pars took a 4 strut unit and repeated it 24 times to create a tensegrity wall. He then removed 12 of these modules (48 struts) and curled the wall into a ball. Below, an image of the wall, and a video of the ball.

4x24 strut wall by Pars" Above, 4x12 strut ball made from the 4x24 strut wall.

Links and References[edit]

Pars' website: (in English and Dutch) Pars' e-mail address:

Pages in Dutch: