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Read here about tensegrity structures composed of twelve struts, part of a series of pages organized by strut count.


The regular 12 strut tensegrity can describe a cube or cuboctahedron.

Models and Examples[edit]

Snelson 12 Strut Model[edit]

Kenneth Snelson constructed a series of four tensegrity structures that metamorphose slowly from evoking a truncated octahedron to evoking a truncated cube. Each model features 12 struts in a new arrangement.

8 strut cube metamorphosis by Snelson.

You Can Touch This Cube[edit]

See You Can Touch This.

Floating Logs by Tom Flemons[edit]

Floating logs by Flemons is composed of twelve logs.

Floating Logs by Tom Flemons.

See http://www.intensiondesigns.com/gallery_sculptures.html

For more information, see Flemons.

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