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Read here about tensegrity in the context of consideration of "torus", a topological form.

For torus-shaped struts, see ring struts.

Definition of Torus[edit]

"Torus" is the formal, well-defined topological name given to the shape known colloquially as a ring, life preserver, doughnut, bagel, or hemorrhoid cushion. the round, ring-like form formal name given to the "doughnut" form, being a circumference

Its definition in abstract, mathematical terms, from wikipedia: A torus (pl. tori) is a [of revolution] generated by revolving a [circle] in three dimensional space about an axis [coplanar] with the circle. In most contexts it is assumed that the axis does not touch the circle and in this case the surface has a ring shape and is called a ring torus or simply torus if the ring shape is implicit.


Below is a selection of torus shapes formed by tensegrity constructions.

Bicycle Wheel by Flemons[edit]

Tom Flemons created and published a wheel within a wheel.

Large tensegrity torus with nucleated 6 strut tensegrity, portraying a tensegrity model of a spoked bicycle wheel, by Tom Flemons.

link= For more information, see Flemons, Tom or the Bicycle wheel

Jakob Torus[edit]

JakobG, a Swiss rope-system manufacture, constructed a tensegrity structure that outlines a torus. It stood for a while and was taken down.

Jakob Tensegrity Torus at night, two views.

For more information see Jakob Tensegrity Torus.

Bent Torus by StructureMode[edit]

StructureMode, an engineering firm, constructed a torus that conforms with the perimeter of a hyperbolic paraboloid.

A torus, bent to support fabric, is formed by 24 3-strut tensegrity prisms. Vision at the London 2016 Exposition.

For more information, see Tension Pavilion 2016.

Hexagonal Rings by Motro[edit]

Folding tensegrity ring by Motro.png

Hexagonal tensegrity rings by Motro, from Structural Morphology Of Tensegrity Systems by Motro.

For more information, see Motro, René.

Tensegrity Prototype TG3 by SMiA[edit]

Structural Morphology in Architecture constructed a tensegrity structure that outlines the shape of a torus.

[[file:tensegrity.jpg|thumb|500px|none|12 strut tensegrity torus with 6 strut roof, by SMiA"

[[file:imagen1.jpg|thumb|500px|none|Designs for a 12 strut tensegrity torus with 6 strut roof, by SMiA"

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