Read here about tensegrity structures composed of eight struts, part of a series of pages organized by strut count.

Form Finding

In "Structural Morphology Of Tensegrity Systems" Motro applies a free-form method of discovery to the generation of unusual tensegrity forms. He wrote, "The process is started from a simple system and, next, more and more struts and cables are added step by step. The computational sequence is summarized as follows: the process starts from a quadruplex, and another vertical strut 9-10 is added.... Finally, a new geometry and equilibrated self stress state are obtained (Figure 14(c)). The compressions in struts range from –2.680 to –4.342; the tensions in cables are between 0.758 and 3.049 and the minimum distance between any two spatial elements is 0.611. There are 33 cables and 8 struts connected respectively to 16 nodes in the whole system."


See Asian Journal Of Civil Engineering (Building And Housing) Vol. 10, No. 1 (2009) Pages 1-19

8 Strut cube

See the 8 struts cube on the cube page

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