Robert Burkhardt is Principal of Tensegrity Solutions, Cambridge, Massachusets. He is a programmer and expert in space frame design and analysis. A college lecturer, instructor, and graduate of U of C Irvine.

An early and energetic tensegrity explorer, he published books, online applications and detailed notes on all his explorations on his website. He also conducted extensive correspondence with Snelson and assisted in the deployment of some Snelson artworks.

Burkhardt's continues to update his site, and his publications online and offline are essential resources.

Publications, partial list

Burkhardt's book, A Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design, is available here:

He also published "The Application of Nonlinear Programming to the Design and Validation of Tensegrity Structures with Special Attention to Skew Prisms," Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, v. 47, no. 1 (no. 150, April 2006), pp. 3-15.

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