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Tensegrity structured clothing is rare since conventional clothing is composed entirely of tension components, being textile threads, weaves or materials, and the human form to which the clothing is fitted provides the compression.


An assortment of clothing related to tensegrity.

Tensegrity-based Garment For Optimising Human And Motion

Sérgio Teixeira Da Fonseca and Renato Guimarães Loffi filed in 2012 for a patent on a garment that provides support. The support is deployed along musculoskeletal lines as defined by a tensegrity understanding of the human body.

tensegrity garment.gif

Patent text:

The present subject matter comprises a biomechanical garment to promote optimization of body posture and motion. Specifically, the equipment consists of a garment with zones reinforced with a material that simulates the elastic traction normally provided by body structures. These tensile reinforcement zones follow patterns of the architecture of the musculoskeletal system and aim at providing a suitable posture and motion support to children and adults with motor dysfunction, and at optimizing the performance of workers and athletes during their activities.


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