Fuller's Two Volume Synergetics

Fuller published a two-volume text called, "Synergetics, the Geometry of Thinking". Read here about this works' treatment of tensegrity and its related concepts. For a general discussion of the Fuller's worldview from which he composed this text, see Synergetics.

Synergetics' Geometrical Innovations

Synergetics claims that all geometric forms known previously as polyhedra can be modelled as tensegrities. As such, Fuller devotes an entire chapter to tensegrity, and tensegrity is discussed throughout the two volume work.

Kirby Urner culled from the Synergetics text a list of Fuller's claims of discovery. In Fuller's words:
  • The rational volumetric quantation or constant proportionality of the octahedron, the cube, the rhombic triacontahedron, and the rhombic dodecahedron when referenced to the tetrahedron as volumetric unity.
  • The trigonometric identification of the great-circle trajectories of the seven axes of symmetry with the 120 basic disequilibrium LCD triangles of the spherical icosahedron. (See Sec. 1043.00.)
  • The rational identification of number with the hierarchy of all the geometries.
  • The A and B Quanta Modules.
  • The volumetric hierarchy of Platonic and other symmetrical geometricals based on the tetrahedron and the A and B Quanta Modules as unity of coordinate mensuration.
  • The identification of the nucleus with the vector equilibrium.
  • Omnirationality: the identification of triangling and tetrahedroning with second- and third-powering factors.
  • Omni-60-degree coordination versus 90-degree coordination.
  • The integration of geometry and philosophy in a single conceptual system providing a common language and accounting for both the physical and metaphysical. (See Sec. 251.50)

Tensegrity in the Table of Contents

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