Pars, Marcelo

Marcelo Pars maintains a comprehensive website on tensegrity and builds many tensegrity models.

Innovative tensegrities with multiple tension elements, semi-circles and circles

He experiments with many important innovations such as differently sized length struts, multiple tension elements, curved struts in the form of semi-circles, and joining circles with tension members. His website features many photographs of his creations, as well as references to his correspondence with Kenneth Snelson.


A few of the tensegrities invented and build by Marcelo Pars:
external image tensegrity053.jpgexternal image tensegrity060.jpgexternal image tensegrity056.jpg
external image outdoor012.jpgexternal image outdoor024.jpg
external image tensegrity064.jpg external image tensegrity086.jpg
All of these tensegrities can be found on his website (English and Dutch):


Pars has posted some videos of his models, below.

Stretching and conforming tensegrities

Pars took a 4 strut unit and repeated it 24 times to create a tensegrity wall. He then removed 12 of these modules (48 struts) and curled the wall into a ball. Below, an image of the wall, and a video of the ball.
4x24 strut wall by Pars

Above, 4x12 strut ball made from the 4x24 strut wall.

Links and References

Pars' website: (in English and Dutch)
Pars' e-mail address:

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