Read here about a chicken coop, or poultry shed, designed by Nikhil Vyas in Delhi, India, 2009.


A poultry shed prototype is described, built entirely out of tensegrity components. The structure features four tensegrity masts supporting a tensegrity roof. While each component is a tensegrity, the structure as a whole is not a tensegrity, and it relies on ground anchors for structural coherence.

The struts of the prototype are bamboo, and the tendons are string.

Bamboo struts were 66 cm long for the simplex units and 59 cm for struts joining column to roof. Hooks of diameter
10 mm (with fasteners) were used. 4 cm spare was left in the struts to enable connecting the fasteners.

To connect the fasteners, first the hole at the end of the bamboo was filled with epoxy adhesive. Then, a single hook end was inserted into the bamboo hole and the fastener was expanded using pliers till it expanded equal to the hole diameter. The hook was then pushed in after application of epoxy to the washer to ensure against leakage of adhesive. Then they were kept for 24 hours to allow the epoxy to harden.

To form the columns, ropes of length 58 cm were cut for the base and top triangle of the simplex unit. This was done
keeping 5 cm on each side to tie knots. Side length was supposed to be 50 cm but actual length was kept 48 cm as the rope elongates when put under tension and elongation was found to be around 2 cm. Similarly ropes of length 60.2 cm were cut to connect base to top of simplex unit.

Nikhil Vyas published the project on April 21st, 2009. He carried out the work as part of a course with Dr. Suresh Bhalla.

poultry shed by vyas.PNG
poultry shed completed column by vyas.PNG
poultry shed complete by vyas.PNG

Similar Structures

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Shed by PUC-Rio Laboratory for Investigation in Living Design.jpg

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Complete Document

Tensegrity Based Poultry Shed by Vyas by Tensegrity Wiki

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