Tim Tyler is a highly original thinker with long experience in geodesic and tensegrity structures. Tyler works as a computer programmer and consultant with a broad interest in man-machine interfaces, robots and synthetic minds. He is also a yoga student interested in Tai Chi, massage, and dietary energy restriction.


Tyler's Springie is a Java 1.1 tensegrity simulator using Java, VRML and POV Ray. See Online Applications.

Tyler's External Tension Nets

Tyler promotes a form of tensegrity where an external tension web is woven around the compression struts. He claims that this is "a new approach to stabilising domes based on an external structural shell consisting of a hexagon-pentagon tesselation - using the principles of tensegrity." In this arrangement the tension elements replace inner stabilizing struts. "The stabilising components do not need to support compressive forces to do their job effectively. Use of tension elements can have cost and weight advantages - since breaking strains are often dramatically higher than buckling stresses in materials of equivalent weight or cost."

Tim Tyler Dodecahedron. The tension net is external.

Links and References

Tim Tyler's website: http://timtyler.org/
Springie: http://springie.com/
Tim Tyler's Hexdome website.
Video lectures by Tyler: http://timtyler.org/videos/
his computer consultancy, http://4095.com/