Wroldsen, Anders Sunde

Anders Sunde Wroldsen's 2007 PdD thesis was called, "Modelling and Control of Tensegrity Structures."

The thesis is about the use of tensegrity structures for marine agriculture. The first chapter is an excellent introduction to tensegrity; he includes an image of Ioganson's 1921 model -- something that Robert Burkhardt mentions in his Practical Guide to Tensegrity Design. In the acknowledgments, Dr. Wroldsen notes that he visited Snelson and had a very interesting conversation in Snelson's Manhattan studio in November, 2006.It features an appendix talking about finite element analysis of a tensegrity mast like Snelson's "Needle Tower".

Dr. Wroldsen prefers the term "tensegrity beam" to "tensegrity mast". The thesis is available for download at http://www.marin.ntnu.no/~assor/PhD%20Thesis/wroldsen_phd_thesis_final.pdf