3 Strut Stool by Passi

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Read here about a 3 strut stool created by Sushant Passi, a student from Bangalore, India.


Sushant Passi, Bangalore, India, posted online a tensegrity stool he designed and developed for the Mathematics of Planet Earth Exhibition in Bangalore to interactively express the concept of Tension and its capabilities in forms, November 2013.

Image Gallery

Sushant Passi seated on his 3 strut tensegrity stool. Behance, 2013.
3 strut antiprism by Passi.
3 strut antiprism with saddle by Passi.
3 strut attempt by Passi.
3 strut platform stress test by Passi.
3 strut stool by Passi.
3 strut stool canvas by Passi.
3 strut under construction by Passi.
3 strut weight test by Passi.
5 strut antiprism construction by Passi.
5 strut antiprism construction.
5 strut antiprism test for stool by Passi.

Links and References

Passi's Portfolio on Behance: https://www.behance.net/sushantpassi