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Read here about tensegrity structures composed of seven struts, part of a series of pages organized by strut count.


Seven strut tensegrities are rare.


Mesh Bag with 7 struts by Snelson

Kenneth Snelson put barsSnelson, Kenneth in a bag, forming a mesh bag tensegrity. One photo published on the web features 7 struts.

Mesh bag containing 7 tubes, by Kenneth Snelson, Mesh Bag as Tension Network.

Motro Form Finding

In "Structural Morphology Of Tensegrity Systems" Motro applies a free-form method of discovery to the generation of unusual tensegrity forms. The 7 strut is generated in a series from 4 to 8 struts. He wrote, "The process is started from a simple system and, next, more and more struts and cables are added step by step."

7 strut by Motro Structural Morphology of Tensegrity Systems.png

See Asian Journal Of Civil Engineering (Building And Housing) Vol. 10, No. 1 (2009) Pages 1-19

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