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Read here about an architecture firm that produces tensegrity-inspired architecture and artifacts.

About AA64

AA64 is founded by Phillip Anzalone and Stephanie Bayard.

AA64 Work with Tensegrity

Urban Trees

At the 7th Annual Festival des Architectures Vives, Exhibition, Montpellier France, 2012, AA64 presented "Urban Trees". Urban Trees developed out of an architectural interest in deployable structural systems, cable facade systems and fabric tensile structures. The design and fabrication involved anodized aluminum compression members, stainless steel tension members, an innovative nodal design allowing for rapid deployment, and compact packaging. In using tensegrity – an efficient system taking advantage of material properties to develop a mechanical stability with minimal material use – Urban Trees is able to span six-meters vertically to suspend a canopy of reflective elements while only weighing 15kg. Research directed by Phillip Anzalone through Columbia University’s Laboratory for Applied Building Science.

Links and References

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