Earnhardt, Phil

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Earnhardt, Phil

  • Phil Earnhardt* is an active promoter of tensegrity concepts in general, and specializes in tensegrity as an explanation for structural anatomy. Read here about Earnhardt's biography, as it relates to tensegrity, and his activites in promoting the comprehension of tensegrity.

Brief Biography Of Earnhardt

Phil Earnhardt is a software engineer by training. He also studies and promotes biotensegrity, as it relates to the human body. He promotes the metaphor of "floating" to comprehend the tensegrity that everybody has in their own body. See floating.

Earnhardt's extensive Pilates training led him to study Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers. Earnhardt found Myers' musculosksletal anatomy model a good explanation of his experience in Pilates. Myers teaches that the human musculoskeletal structure is organized into “myofascial meridians” — long lines of tension — that determine posture and movement (see Anatomy Trains). Earnhardt since then studied Stephen Levin’s biotensegrity material and examined Tom Flemons' models.

Floating the Bones

Earnhardt teaches a course entitled "Floating the Bones", about floating compression models: what they are, why they’re valuable to understand, and how we can develop/enhance the springiness/resiliency of our bodies. He also consults with body/mind instructors on business marketing, internet presence, and web design.

Links and References

Earnhardt's website on Floating Bones, http://floatingbones.com/%7CFloatingBones.com