Jakob Tensegrity Torus

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Jakob Tensegrity Torus

Read here about the Jakob Tensegrity Torus on public display in Trubschachen, Switzerland


Jakob AG, a Swiss rope-system manufacturer, decided to construct a large Tensegrity Torus in 2006. Architect Filippo Broggini was commissioned, with Blue Office Architecture. Production and assembly was implemented by Jakob employees. The wheel construction stands outside the Jakob's factory.

Jakob Tensegrity Torus being lowered into place from a crane.

An early model of the torus was constructed from children's glostick toys.

Jakob Tensegrity Torus model made from toy glosticks.

Components of the Torus

The Jakob tensegrity torus stands at their office in Trubschachen, Switzerland, and consists of

  • Diameter, 14.8 m
  • Weight, 2450 kg
  • Module, 4-rod elements.
  • Number of modules, 21
  • Number of compression rods, 84
  • Wire diameter, 10 mm
  • Threads and hemispheres, Jakob M14 parts
  • LED light tapes (colored red, white, and blue) integrated into the compression rods

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