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Read here about the use of the term "tensegrity" in ways related only to the "mood" or general impression of the term, with little or no reference to its structural implications.


As tensegrity is popularized, many people use the word for its connotations alone, disregarding any semantic, well-defined reference to the meaning of the term. Such association of tensegrity with various works or acts may be by name alone, or by some general, difficult to specify mapping of the "mood" of the word tensegrity with the "mood" of the referent.

This article is included in the Encyclopedia of Tensegrity because any use of the term tensegrity and its connotations may be of significance. While we may fail to map any specific aspect of tensegrity to the named works below, such a hard-to-define mapping of tensegrity to human production may still be a valid area of rigorous, purposeful, scholarly study.


Tensegrity in Fashion

"Tensegrity" is the name Axel Lindahl (WM Artist Management) chose for a film he made starring model Alla Kostromicheva. The fashion video features designs from the likes of Acne, McQueen, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent selected by stylist Emma Thorstrand. Jarring sounds and quick-pace editing set the tone for this thrilling video, with hair by Mika Lundgren and makeup by Katarina Hakansson

Tensegrity Girls

In 2012 videos started to appear of people dancing with wildly gyrating motions. The trend bares some resemblance to the Harlem Shake fad. Below, a few examples.

And someone labelled Eric Prydz "Call Me" as Tensegrity Girls. This is the least safe for work of the lot:

Tensegrity Tattoo

Tattoo of Tensegrity Tower, by Miss Venom.


Link: photo of tattoo, Miss Venom's page

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