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Read here about the biological pelvis, and how tensegrity explains its structure and enables new therapeutic models.


The human pelvis, or vertebral column, is a column usually consisting of 33 vertebrae, the sacrum, intervertebral discs, and the coccyx situated in the dorsal aspect of the torso, with spinal discs between bones. It houses and protects the spinal cord in its spinal canal. It became commonly known as the backbone or spine, so named for its spinous processes.


Models that serve as inspirations for the pelvis model.

The double cross bar by Snelson features a long strut anchored in two parallel constructions.

Double Cross Bar, 1967, aluminum & steelon by Kenneth Snelson. " link="Snelson, Kenneth"

Human Spine Tensegrity models

Flemons Tensegrity Model of the Pelvis

Flemons created and markets a tensegrity model of the human pelvis.

He published a text describing the model.

Links and References

Links: Flemons' website,