Shade Structure

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Shade Structure

A pure tensegirty shade structure would deploy a shade membrane as part of the structure's tensile network. Most of the models below are not assembled that way; instead, they add a shade-casting element to a classic 3 strut tensegrity. The shade casting element has no intrinsic structural purpose, though of course, it fulfills the functional purpose of reflecting the sun's rays and casting a shadow. (It is worth considering why this element is added: the high efficiency of the tensegrity leaves little surface to reflect rays.)

3 Strut Tensegrity Beach Shade Structure

A 3 strut tensegrity shade structure was created by a group of students from different architectural schools in Europe, during the "FileToFactory" Workshop in Barcelona, May, 2009. They posted a time lapse video of their welding and assembly that includes a slide show of the structure deployed on a beach. By Sahar Darvishani, Giacomo Destefanis, Agata Guzik, Giorgos Kokolakis, Spyros Margetis, Jean-Emmanuel Marie, Stephan Pircher, Thibault Romany, Harikishnan Sashidharan, Marilena Skavara. Video created by Agata Guzik and edited by Marilena Skavara.

Link: from user Marilena,

3 strut Tensegrity Shade Structure by Kachel

Armin R. Kachel posted to Synergeo July 22, 2010 a 3 strut classic prism tensegrity, made of 8' 2"x2" with 3 string side tendons and 2 2mm polyester side tendons, with a cardboard square inserted to cast shade.

3 strut shade structure by Armin R. Kachel"