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Read here about Tristan Sterk, a prolific architect who implements tensegrity structural principles in his practice.

Sterk, Tristan d’Estrée

Tristan Sterk is a principal of Orambra and designs dynamic robotic structures.

Dynamic Buildings

He wrote, "more than being a series of smart systems attached to a dumb building frame, responsive architectures actually consist of intelligent frames, skins and systems. These buildings change shape and color. They have intelligent systems within them and around them. They track the sun gradually and they adjust their shape to improve shading in the summer or day lighting in the winter. They shake snow from their roof. They even change shape to reduce wind loads or improve the way they ventilate. Unlike the conventional boxes that we live in, these buildings adapt to the natural environment to improve the way that people live. They address suitability and socio-technical issues in three key ways. Firstly they provide a means to reducing the mass and embedded energy used within buildings without sacrificing robustness. Secondly they enable architects to produce a new class of building envelopes that actively adjust and shape themselves in relation to the natural environment, its seasons and weather. With this they offer great potential in reducing the energy used within buildings."

Gallery of work

Prairie House

PrairieHouse 6.jpg

See Prairie House by Orambra.


filamentosa lightweight dynamic skyscraper by Sterk" link=["

Closeup of hubs in dynamic pavilion by Sterk.jpg




Sterk spoke at The Economist's Eco-topia forum, can green architecture save the planet?

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Orambra Website: