Strut Effect

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Strut Effect

THIS PAGE IS DEPRECATED. See the fractal tensegrity in mast.

The strut effect, coined by Motro, occurs when an entire tensegrity is constrained to behave like strut under compression.

Consider Snelson's original X-shape, an assembly of two struts and four cables. Cut one of the four cables of the X-shape. The remaining tensegrity components act like an hydraulic jack along the direction of the cut cable. This action is equivalent to a strut under compression, hence named the strut effect. [1]

See the fractal tensegrity in mast.

Links and References

[1] Structural Morphology Of Tensegrity Systems by R. Motro, Asian Journal Of Civil Engineering (Building And Housing) Vol. 10, No. 1 (2009) Pages 1-19