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Synergetics Dictionary

Synergetics Dictionary is an alphabetically sequenced series of index cards containing cross-references for the study of Buckminster Fuller's Synergetic Geometry. Many of the cards discuss tensegrity. Below is a gallery of cards that discuss tensegrity, or concepts relevant to tensegrity.

About the Synergetics Dictionary

Edward Applewhite spent over seven years of work systematizing all of Fuller's original geometric research to produce the Synergetics Dictionary. During that time he collaborated with Fuller on the two volume Synergetics books. He also compiled -- on a typewriter not a computer -- The Synergetics Dictionary, a 4-volume photocopied collection of 22,000 3 x 5 cards used during their work on Synergetics. On the cards he abstracted Buckminster Fuller 's thoughts on hundreds of topics from letters, books, tapes, published and unpublished papers, and thus "introduced Bucky to himself" on all these subjects. [1]

The work beings with a nine page preamble. An appendix of sources is cited at the back of the fourth volume. The index cards in the volumes are photographs of the original cards in Applewhite's file, and include many markings by Applewhite and Fuller. In 2008, Robert Gray enabled online access to JPG reproductions of the cards.

Tensegrity Titled Cards in the Synergetics Dictionary

[file: Dictionary Card C17944" link"]

Links and References

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