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TaffGoch is experienced with Photoshop, SketchUp and other 3D rendering tools. He offers his services to render domes, tensegrities and other complex objects. TaffGoch applies his virtual modelling expertise to preserve and promote the expertise behind these intricate objects.

TaffGoch shares his skills and resulting images to preserve and promote the knowledge behind tensegrity, domes, and other complex structures. When analyzing the 92 Prism tensegrity he wrote, "Here, within a week, two implementations of the sphere have been accomplished, based on a single question from an online user. So, between 1979 and 2016, no one questioned the photos (or cared enough to pursue it to a satisfactory conclusion?) Has anyone else duplicated the physical model, in the 35+ years? I find the potential for loss of knowledge/technique disturbing. Perhaps, now, you have an idea of why I do what I do, and why I started this group." The group, GeodesicHelp, hosts many discussions about tensegrity, and information from those discussions is featured throughout this shared encyclopedia.


A gallery of some of TaffGoch's work on tensegrity is found below.


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TaffGoch maintains several sites

TaffGoch can be contacted on the GeodesicHelp Gmail group, https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/geodesichelp