Tensegrity Lights by Bartosik

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Tensegrity Lights

Michal Maciej Bartosik is an artist and architect created Tensegrity Lights based on two Kenneth Snelson sculptures: 'Needle Tower' - 1968 and 'City Boots' - 1968. Bartosik realized that utilizing Snelson's structural discoveries enabled new possibilities of light forms whereby the light source and its electrical wire work mutually in compression and tension to produce a seemingly discontinuous field of light defined by it structural form.

Tensegrity Space Frame Lights

Text from the artist's website:

The tensegrity space frame light is comprised of a four strut lamp module whose geometry is the derivative of a cube. It affords a stable platonic structure with the ability to orthogonally tessellate in the x,y.z axes without change to its orientation to produce generic architectural elements such as: columns, roofs, walls and beams. Because tensegrity yields a system of structural correlation, moment force is eliminated and makes way for a high strength to weight ratio; as the system's surface area increases, to a greater extent so too does its rigidity, allowing for generous spans and cantilevers. When arrayed, each consecutive module is pinned to the latter using its lamp connector to fasten to the mid point of an adjacent electrical tendon. The uniform array produces two distinct patterns of lamp and lattice. Where the lamps produce a luminous weave that at times resembles an orthogonal grid of offset lines, the lattice generates a sequential pattern of two distinct squares rotated at 45 degrees, one four times the size of the other.

Although Bartosik arrived at the proposed system independently through his continual experimentation; it should be noted that Mr. Marcelo Pars produced a similar structural module which narrowly predates his discovery.

Links and References

For more information, see the article on Bartosik . Bartosik's website, http://www.mmbartosik.com