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Use this page to access videos about tensegrity. For a more complete catalog, visit our video channels.


There are many videos on the topic of tensegrity, and no comprehensive list or archive exists.

Tensegrity Video Channels

The following are online video channels devoted to tensegrity.


Tensegrity video channel:

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Tensegrity video channel:

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Tensegrity Lectures

The following is an assortment of links to some lectures online. This is a very partial list.

Donald Ingber On Cellular Tensegrity

An excerpt of Donald Ingber's 2005 talk on "The Relevance of Tensegrity Architecture for Biology and Medicine" at the Synergetics Collaborative. He discussed how cell structure is inherently built on the principles of tensegrity.

Levin And Flemons Discuss Biotensegrity

On Levin's page a two part video is hosted: a 2005 conversation between Flemons and Levin.

Tensegrity Structure Class and Slide Show

Omar Al-Hebshi, College of Environmental Design, made a video on a tensegrity class. It includes a slide show. In the middle of the video a 3-strut tensegrity is built with wooden dowels, and is filmed, vibrating.

Miscellaneous Videos On Tensegrity

Video of Audrey I Assembly By Snelson

This computer animation is not operationally helpful, but does express the enigmatic magic of thick, heavy dowels suspended by thin, barely perceptible wires. It is Snelson's tensegrity sculpture "Audrey I" assembling itself, as animated by Kenneth Snelson & Jon Monaghan.

Video of a Balloon Expanding Inside a Tensegrity

The nucleated tensegrity is an important subject: here, a balloon inflates inside a tensegrity. From the video: "This experiment is meant to demonstrate a basic tensegrity model where a balloon is inflated and deflated to augment and diminish the rigidity of the structure."

Interview with McDonough Manipulating a Tensegrity

Another nucleated tensegrity: given by Thomas Zung to William McDonough. He manipulates it here:

Tetrahedral to Icosahedral Conformance Transformations

dwyllie illustrates the transformation of a tetrahedron into a icosahedron

A related transformation: the tetrahedron is manipulated, through the icosahedron phase, to its own dual, what Fuller called the "negative tetrahedron".

Tensegrity Exploding

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences students posted this odd video. They erected a 2x3 strut tensegrity mast with explosives prepared on two of the struts. The explosives fire and the structure collapses. An unusual illustration of the holistic nature of tensegrity, where every part depends on every other part. The video features the same explosion in Normal, slow-motion, then Super-slowmotion.

Tensegrities That Conform With Traditional Polyhedra

dwyllie posted a computer animation showing construction of three tensegrities: the truncated tetrahedron, cube and octahedron. I do not find this video very helpful, as the tension elements are static and have no physics enabled--they cannot be strummed, or lie slack, as we see in other, finer animations.

Videos in Languages Other Than English

How To Make a Tensegrity (Japanese)

A basic video with instructions in Japanese. The website is at [[1]] The video: