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Read here about "You Can Touch This", a tensegrity learning site and kit provider maintained by Lenny Golightly.


Lenny Golightly maintains a blog, kit sales site, and video channel promoting simple tensegrity structures.


How to build a Tensegrity Cube. The video shows construction of a 12 strut tensegrity; the struts conform roughly to a describing a cube in space.

A short instruction showing how to build a tensegrity cube with The Affordable Tensegrity Toolkit (TATT). I found a slight mistake in the verbal instructions - the build start with a corner, not an edge as I said in the video. TATT is available via

A selection of icosahedra in different colour combinations as part of the You Can Touch This tensegrity structures collection. Find out more at

Icosahedral Tensegrity

You can touch this - icosahedral tensegrity toys 2012


Octahedral Tensegrities

This is a snapshot of the current set of collapsible octahedral tensegrities (there's one cube and trigonal dipyramid as well) I offer on the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy. For more information about You can touch this please visit

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