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The cube is one of the Platonic polyhedra. Also known as the hexahedron, it is the dual of the octahedron.

Cube Tensegrity Structures by Snelson[edit]

Kenneth Snelson constructed a series of four tensegrity structures that metamorphose slowly from evoking a truncated octahedron to evoking a truncated cube.

8 strut cube metamorphosis by Snelson, posted by Burkhardt with permission.

Burkhardt posted the photo with permission here: [[1]]

8 Strut Zig Zag Cube by Burkhardt[edit]

Burkhardt created a ray trace of a zig zag instantiation of an 8 strut cube.

8 strut zig zag cube by Burkhhardt, ray trace.

Link: [[2]]

6 strut tensegrity outlines the corners of a cube[edit]

Lawrence Pendred posted this unconventional 6 strut, 24 tendon tensegrity structure. The corners where the 3 tendons outline 8 locations in space that conform with a regular cube. Pendred wrote, "[This is an example of a perfectly rigid 3d framework containing no triangles! Consisting of 6 sticks arrainged in 3 parallel, mutually orthogonal pairs. Each end of each stick has 2 strings attached. The strings form 8 3-pointed stars, the centers of which form the corners of a cube. If you want an interesting suprise, calculate the dimensions of the strings relative to that of the struts, and the distance between the struts; then for an even greater suprise, imagine that twice the amount of string is used, and instead of 3-pointed stars, triangles of string are used. ( you get a fully collapsible structure that lays itself out in a very interesting pattern."

6 strut 24 tendon tensegrity structure. The corners where 3 tendons meet outline a cube, by Pendred"

Link: [[3]]

8 strut tensegrity cube[edit]

Angelo Agostini constructed a model of two concentric cubes, rotated around their center. This tensegrity is based on 2 concentric cubes, rotated around the center.

2 concentric cubes, rotated around the center.

The concentric construction idea could apply to any platonic solid - see also a 4 strut [tetrahedron] by the same author.