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Korkmaz, Sinan[edit]

Sinan Korkmaz is a structural engineer working on biomimetic characteristics of active deployable tensegrity structures. Korkmaz's work focuses on the following aspects of tensegrity structures:

  1. design an active control system in order to ensure damage tolerance of a deployable tensegrity pedestrian bridge
  2. extend existing strategies for self-diagnosis of the deployable tensegrity bridge to avoid ambiguous results
  3. extend existing strategies in order to achieve a more robust self-repair scheme
  4. develop algorithms that allow the active control system to learn efficiently using case-based reasoning
  5. validate the methodologies developed with experiments on a near full-scale (1/3) model.

Korkmaz's research plan can be accessed http://imacwww.epfl.ch/Team/Korkmaz/Biomimetic%20Characteristics%20of%20an%20Active%20Deployable%20Structure.pdf here. A poster demonstrating his current work is accessible http://imacwww.epfl.ch/Team/Korkmaz/Korkmaz_Poster_YES.pdf here.

Korkmaz educational and career details[edit]

Korkmaz did his undergraduate work in civil engineering at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and in business administration at Anadolu University (AU) (double major). He obtained a M.Sc. degree from Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Structures program at Bauhaus University (BU) Graduate School in Structural Engineering. He is working toward a Ph.D. at Swiss Federal institute of Technology (ETH) since December 2008.

Being a B.Sc. business administrator as well as an engineer, Sinan Korkmaz worked in the industry at the following positions:

  • Civil Engineer at W. Markgraf GmbH & Co KG (US Army base in Germany)
  • Civil Engineer at Bureau Veritas-Euroestudios-Tumas (Retrofitting project financed by World Bank in Turkey)
  • European Responsible at FTS International Construction and Transportation Company (GSM infrastructure project in Guinea)
  • Project Manager at SA-RA Guinea (GSM infrastructure project in Guinea)

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