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Read here about a 3 strut stool created by Sushant Passi, a student from Bangalore, India.


Q Acoustics was founded in 2006 to design, engineer and manufacture innovative, high-performance and class-leading loudspeakers at every price-point.

The Concept 300 by Q Acoustics was created in 2019. Its goal was to adapt the floorstanding Concept 500 into a stand mounted alternative that’s more affordable, yet has the same performance and elegance.

3 strut speaker stand[edit]

To this end, the team designed a unique speaker stand. To begin with, the Concept 300 speakers keep cabinet vibrations to an absolute minimum in order to deliver entirely uncorrupted sound. Q Acoustics uses MDF rather than one of the more glamorous and/or expensive alternatives to construct the Concept 300 cabinet, because alternative materials offer no benefits in terms of damping, or even ease and simplicity of construction, over the very high performance MDF delivers, and would simply drive up the eventual price of the speaker for no audio gain whatsoever. An isolation base system is implemented as well.

During the design phase, in a brainstorming session, someone jokingly suggested levitating the speaker in order to isolate it. This resulted in arriving at the tensegrity concept, which is the closest thing to suspending the speaker from wires.

With a standmounting speaker design like this, of course, the speaker’s relationship with its stand is of fundamental importance. And it’s the design of the new Tensegrity stand, and the new isolation base suspension system that joins Concept 300 to it, that allows Q Acoustics to redefine the level of performance that’s possible from a smaller loudspeaker. The three strut tensegrity is constructed from precision machined stainless steel rods (which are the load-bearing element) and thin stainless steel cables (which maintain the position of the load-bearing rods). The result is an rigid and self-supporting structure with a remarkably low surface area and elegant appearance. The stand works with the suspension system to ensure high performance. The entire mass of Concept 300 is suspended on the four springs of its integrated base plate. This isolation base system prevents energy from the speaker leaking into the Tensegrity stand and affecting the sound, it prevents vibrations for the floor making their way from the stands into the speaker, and in every circumstance it provides a rigid coupling between speaker and stand.


Concept 300 Tensegrity Stand Dimensions W/H/D: 492 x 690 x 430mm Weight: 3.9kg (per stand) Carton Dimensions W/H/D: 740 x 780 x 460mm Packaged Weight: 12.3kg (pair)

Image Gallery[edit]

A pair of concept 300 speakers. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
A single concept 300 speaker on its 3 strut tensegrity stand. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
Tensegrity results in a better sound isolation pattern. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
Stainless steel rods and thin stainless steel cables maintain the rigid structure. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
Stainless steel rods and thin stainless steel cables maintain the rigid structure. Closeup of the round supporting plate that mounts the speaker. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
The stand in the room of a reviewer. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk
3 strut tensegrity as a speaker stand. A round supporting plate mounts the speaker, visible in the foreground. See https://www.qacoustics.co.uk

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