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Read here about a company that produces robots based on tensegrity.


Alice Merner Agogino, leader of the BEST lab, founded Squishy Robotics to commercialize robotic innovations, many of which are based on tensegrity.

Squishy Robotics creates air deployable sensing robots. These devices can provide electronic eyes, ears, and sensor information to first responders before and after entering a disaster scene. Due to their highly flexible design, these sensor robots can be dropped from drones or aircraft into disaster situations that can be difficult or not immediately accessible by first responders. The technology provides real-time video, basic atmospheric conditions, and customizable sensor information, such as 4-gas sensor data. Data from several robots are aggregated on an intelligent user interface that provides First Responders life-saving situational awareness in scenarios where time is critical and immediate human access can be difficult or unsafe. The robots are versatile and carry interchangeable sensor modules that could be used for a wide range of applications.

Image Gallery[edit]

A robot by Squishy Robotics shown in a disaster scene.
A robot by Squishy Robotics shown in a disaster scene.
Animated gif of a video, recorded by a robot by Squishy Robotics falling hundreds of feet into a disaster scene.

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